6 v 6 Basic Rules

  • Rule number one – Be nice! Remember that this is a recreational league.
  • 4 males max. on court
  • Minimum 3 players in order to play; 1 female
  • No gender rule for hitting or blocking
  • Please show up 10 minutes early to stretch and warm up
  • No alcohol permitted on our fields or in our facilities (but we encourage you to go to the sponsor bar afterwards!)


  • You will be responsible for making calls yourself – honor system
  • The league host will keep the score of the game


  • Best of 3 sets
  • If a team is up 2-0, you can play the for fun until time runs out
  • The first 2 sets are to 25 points. You do NOT have to win by 2 points.
  • If it’s tied after the first 2 sets, the third set is to 15 points. You do NOT have to win by 2 points.
  • Rotate all players onto the court in an orderly fashion
  • Any position can spike and/or block – including the back row
  • You can block and then make a legal hit in a row
  • No jump serves


**If after the ball crosses the net and your team plays the ball and it then hits the ceiling, back or side wall or anything besides the floor (like basketball net) and does NOT cross the net, the ball IS STILL LIVE.**

  • If the ball hits the ceiling and goes over the net or hits any walls, the point is over
  • Out of bounds is the area outside the designated court line. ┬áIf the ball falls on the line, it is IN bounds.

League wide policies:

  • Teams without the minimum players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time
  • Playoffs only: if the league host does not recognize one of your players, they may need to show ID to prove they are on the roster
  • Forfeit Rule: All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, unless you forfeit twice within the regular season.