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Meet SF Social staff member, Tiffany Tran. After moving to the Bay from Huntington Beach, Calif., Tran was hired as a league host for men’s and coed basketball leagues. Here is how she got her start with SF Social.

Wanting to learn more about basketball leagues in the city, Tran came across SF Social in the spring of 2018 and joined the team the following season as a basketball host.

Tran was initially drawn to SF Social because she had a strong interest in getting involved in a sports league, with the social feature being an added bonus.

“I love being able to connect to my community, but also to give back,” Tran said. “The experiences I have had with SF Social have been special and very rewarding.”

During her time with SF Social thus far, she has really enjoyed hanging out with the players after games. Additionally, she also has fun working the Player Appreciation Parties held at the end of each season.

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Being part of the SF Social team has allowed Tran to connect with people from all over the city. “I have been exposed to different areas of the city and have been introduced to people not only from all over the country, but from around the world,” Tran said. “It’s eye-opening and also humbling to have this opportunity.”

Since her start with the company, SF Social has grown exponentially, including the expansion of free kids’ leagues throughout the city.

If you would like to have Tiffany as your host, sign up for one of her basketball leagues, which take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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