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Want to know more about our wonderful staff? Read on for a Q & A with referee Matt!

Name: Matt Castaldo

Where are you from? Boston, the City of Champions

What is your role with SF Social? I social host and ref leagues – mostly Kickball!


Q: How were you spending your free time in San Francisco prior to joining SF Social? 

Matt: I worked a lot prior to joining SF Social, so I spent most of my free time working out or heading out to bars with friends around the city. I also really like being outside. I make it a goal to get out and enjoy nature regularly!

Q: When did you first hear about SF Social and when did you start?

Matt: I heard about SF Social through the team and a few people who had played sports previously, and I started in September! I am working from home right now and get pretty stir-crazy, so getting out and about has been an awesome change of pace!

Q: What drew you to start working for SF Social?

Matt: Hearing from the SF Social team and community about how fun the events are lead to my involvement. I feel like being able to play sports the adult way is really unique – who doesn’t like to drink beers and play kickball? Since I have joined, it has definitely been a lot easier to walk up to random people at games or at the bar and introduce myself, which is great!

Q: What do you love most about working for SF Social?

Matt: The best part is definitely seeing how teams and leagues all get to know each other. There are so many players from different companies and backgrounds and getting a chance to be a part of a community outside of your bubble is a really great thing. I have loved meeting people and seeing the benefits that SF Social has to each participant.

Q: Do you have a favorite moment or memory from your time as an SF Social host so far? 

Matt: Honestly, each time I social host is unique in its own regard. One funny moment was last season, when one player during flip-cup got so amped up that he flipped the table over by accident. It was hilarious, and even Greg at Score bar got a kick out of it.

Q: How has SF Social impacted your life and changed things for you? 

Matt: When I first got to SF, I was working so much that it seemed like it was just a professional community. SF Social has shown me how much deeper the city goes and that there are a lot of like-minded, social people around the community.

Q: What have you gained from working at SF Social?

Matt: I learned a lot of new variations of flip-cup that I didn’t know existed…

But in all seriousness, I have gained a lot of friends around the city and have gotten a lot better at meeting new people, even outside of SF Social events.

9258196319 – stephen@kui.com

Q: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Matt: Energetic, sociable, easygoing.

Q: What advice do you have for future hosts?

Matt: Remind players that, while the competition can be fierce, it is still a fun outlet for most players. Try not to take it overly serious! Enjoy the game and the bar!

Q:  What, in your opinion, sets SF Social apart from other sports leagues in SF?

Matt: I think the culture at SF Social, from the music playing during sports games to the bar events, makes the environment one where it is easy to relax and engage with others. Plus, the team does a really good job with outreach to help make sure every player is involved and part of the seasons.

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