All rules and regulations will be gone over on the first day of the season! Nothing too extreme just typical water safety rules to keep everyone safe!

  • For beginners: We provide the boat, the coach, and the race management team so that you and your friends can learn to sail and compete against each other in a fun, social, and safe atmosphere.
  • How it works:  You and four fellow sailors will be competing in 2-4 races every Saturday in the San Francisco Bay. You can expect to be on the water for about 2 hours per week.
  • Training:  Each racing team will be accompanied  by a certified coach who will guide your team through the finer points of sailing.
  • The course:  Depending on the conditions, race management may decide to run races over different shaped courses around a number of large, inflatable markers. There will also be races around iconic Bay landmarks.
  • The Finish:  First across the line wins – it’s as simple as that! The winner of each race will be awarded 1 points, second 2, and so on. The lower your score the better your standing… like golf.
  • Standings:  Each week we will add up your points, and we will keep standings throughout the season which will be published weekly on the website.
  • Team Size:  Each team will consist of 5 team members (or crew as they say) per boat and one certified coach. The team minimum is 5, but you can have up to 8 people signed up for your team but only 5 team members can fit on the vessel at once. You may rotate on a weekly basis between different teammates if you wish.
  • League Perks: Everyone will enjoy food and drink specials at the sponsor bar after sailing, as well as league shirts, an end-of-season party, and prizes for the winning team.