How it works from Sign Up to Field


You sign up for a league

Check out our available leagues here. If you need help please Contact Us!


Your friends sign up for the league

Or not! Joining as a free agent is a great way to make friends in San Francisco. You can sign up for our leagues as a full team, small group or free agent.


Registration closes

Make sure you know when registration closes so that you and your friends are all signed up before the deadline!


SF Social Merges teams

If you do not have a full team, other small groups and free agents will be added to your team. Check the roster grid to see what constitutes a full team for each sport.


Teams available 48 hours after registration closes

Two days after registration closes you can Log In to your account to see who is on your team! You can even contact your team right through your account.


Schedules Sent out 72 hours After Registration Closes

Three days after registration closes you can check out your schedule. The time that your team plays each week will vary, so be sure to log in to your account to view your schedule.


Season Details are sent 72 hours after registration closes

We will send you an email with all the season details, including information about theme week and other special events.


Shirts delivered to you at first game

Our players love to rock their team shirts. You will receive your shirt on the first day of the league. The shirt is yours to keep, so feel free to customize it however you want!


We host the post-game party

After your game each week your team will head over to one of our sponsor bars for post-game shenanigans. You will get drink specials, play some drinking games, and make new friends. Some leagues even include flip cup as part of the league!


Week 4 is Theme Week

All of our leagues include a theme week every season. Not only is it fun and silly (who doesn’t love a good costume?) but your team can win prizes for creativity and flair! The theme changes every season to keep you on your toes.



At the end of the season all teams will compete in playoffs for ultimate glory, DAS BOOT and other fun prizes.


We celebrate!

After the season ends, we invite the players from all of our leagues to come together for one big SF Social celebration. Rumor has it there is free beer provided…