Basic Rules11 v 11 including catcher

  • Rule number one – Be nice!
  • Minimum 6 players, 2 females to play
  • 8 males max. on the field at all times
  • Kickball wins are worth 2 points, Flip Cup wins are worth 1 point

*Playoff seeding is based on TOTAL POINTS from the season*

Game Play

  • 1 bunt per inning – every bunt after counts as a foul ball
    • Bunt: A bunt is defined through intention of the hitter by the ref. The ref decides what is or is not a bunt.
  • NO leading off bases
  • NO stealing
  • Sliding is ALLOWED
    • At ref’s discretion – any slide that results in excessive contact with defensive player will result in the runner being OUT
  • You CAN throw the ball at base runners but NO head shots
    • Head shots will result in a dead ball and all players will be safe
    • Players hit in the head get an extra base (UNLESS they duck into the headshot, which is considered out)
  • ALL pitches MUST be thrown underhand and slow pitch (no spin or bounce)
    • If excessive, the ref may ask you to switch your pitcher
  • 3 fouls is considered an out – NO STRIKES OR BALLS
  • No more than 3 males can kick in a row
    • Females can bat multiple times within batting order to have 3-1 ratio; MUST kick in order in regards to other females
  • NO infield fly rule
  • Tagging up happens AS SOON AS the ball is CAUGHT 
  • One base is given to the runner on an overthrow that travels out of play at the referee’s discretion.
  • Ground rule doubles dependent on the field space
  • If base is blocked by defensive team, runner is awarded the base


  • 6 innings in a game
    • UNLESS we hit 40 min warning – both teams will be warned & the start of the next inning will be the final inning
  • Mercy Rule – lessens the chance of having blowouts early in the games (boring for everyone)
    • Max. 5 runs can be scored per inning (EXCEPT the last inning – no limit)
    • Games CAN end in a tie during the regular season
  • The losing team will ALWAYS kick first at the beginning of the LAST INNING (unlimited runs) – this limits blowouts by the winning team

League wide policies:

  • Teams without the minimum number of players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time
  • Playoffs ONLY – At the beginning of each game, both teams MUST submit a written batting order to the ref

*Forfeit Rule*: All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, unless you forfeit twice within the regular season.


All of our referees are trained to call a fair and fun game of kickball. They are the final word on all game call decisions and any situation not mentioned here. Although the referees are there to call your games, please remember they are people too, just like you!

Only a team captain or co-captain may dispute a call with the referee. The referee has jurisdiction over the play and may penalize a player, including game ejection, for unsportsmanlike conduct. Ejected players may not return to the game and if necessary may be asked to leave the premises.

Any rule or situation not expressly defined here will default to MLB rules. At the end of the day, these calls will be made by the ref.