● ONLY the captain can ask about a RULES CALL, NOT a JUDGEMENT call
● Don’t argue judgement calls (if you slow down the game you will receive a penalty)

● This is a Coed 8v8 league aka maximum of 8 players on the field
○ Teams can field a maximum of 5 males on the field
○ Teams must have at least 3 females to field a full 8 players
○ Teams must have a minimum of 5 to play, 1 must be a female
● Teams receive one, 1 minute timeout per half (do not​ carry over)
● Games are played with a running clock, 24 minutes per half (only stops in the 2nd half
under 2 minutes)

● This is a NO BLOCKING league
● Players must loudly​ count out 5 Mississippi on the line to rush the quarterback to not
count as a blitz
● Each team receives one untimed blitz each new set of downs
● Players cannot leave their feet unless to make a catch or to avoid a dangerous
● All players are eligible receivers
● NO flag guarding
● There is NO Blitzing inside the 5 yard line but the defense can rush after a 5 count.
● Quarterback Running
○ Allowed to run on any play EXCEPT:
■ Within the 5 yard line (or 1 point conversion) unless the
quarterback is rushed by the defense after a 5 count.
■ Males QBs CANNOT run on gender plays
● Female score(s) count for one bonus point on all scoring plays
○ If a woman throws to another woman that is only 1 extra point
● NO Fumbles:​ The football is considered a dead ball where it touches the ground

● Teams MUST have 1 gender play, at least once every in every 3 plays
● With male QB: you CAN have 1 male​ on the L.O.S. to guard the QB.
● All males MUST play 10 yards back until the ball is thrown, then they are able to break inside the 10 yard mark on the
ball/ball carrier
○ If the offense overloads on females (3+), the defense can designate one male to cover the extra female without
providing the 10 yard safety zone.
○ If the QB is female, the defensive players do not​ need to provide the 10 yard safety zone.
● The gender play must be for or attempted for positive yardage
○ If the female ball carrier is “tackled” behind the line of scrimmage or an incomplete pass is made behind the line of
scrimmage it does not count​ as the required operative play.

● A female player CAN blitz the QB
○ Only if the team’s blitz for that down set is available
● A woman CANNOT hand off to a man – she can throw it forward to a man but he MUST​ get past the L.O.S.

● The offensive team must declare that they are going to punt – NO fakes or blocks allowed
● The ball does not need to be hiked to the punter
What is that “V” on Your Shirt?
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