10 v 10 Basic Rules

  • If both teams have the same amount of extra players, total number of players on the court can be increased (at ref’s discretion)
  •  ***Referee has the ability to have more people play if both teams agree***
  • 10 v 10
  • 6 males max.
  • Minimum 6 players, 2 females to play
  • Boundaries are court specific
  • Game variations played throughout the night
  • At start of game, when retrieving balls you must go back and touch your start wall before throwing the ball
  • Host can move balls if balls are all on one side or on the sideline
  • If you win dodgeball for the night you get 2 points, if you win Flip Cup you get 1 point
  • No squishing balls before throwing

*Playoff seeding is based on TOTAL POINTS from the season*

Game Play

Matches are 40 minutes

    • Play as many games as possible – the team with the most wins will be declared winner
  • Foam balls used – regular & small
    • Small balls can ONLY be used by females
  • Referee keeps track of score, time, variation of games played, and makes sure players go out when hit and following the rules
  • NO head shots
    • Head shots will result in a dead ball and player will be safe UNLESS they are ducking or diving
    • Then they will be considered out if ducking or diving while hit in the head
  • A player is OUT if they cross the throwing line
  • If a player is hit and the ball touches the ground – they are OUT
    • *A player may re-enter the game if their teammate catches a ball*
    • If you get hit by the ball and catch it before it hits the ground, equipment, or floor, then it’s a catch and you are safe – the thrower is out
    • You cannot get multiple players out with one ball – considered a dead ball after first person is hit
    • Player MUST raise hand when they are out
  • NO Blocking (the ball is an extension of you) – stops people from holding balls, creates more action.
    • If opponent’s ball hits off the ball in your hand – you are OUT
  • Players can hold 2 balls max. at a time and can ONLY hold balls for 5 SECONDS at most
    • Players who fail to comply may be warned by the ref and called out if issue persists

Game Variations


  • Re-entry: NO
    • Played like normal dodgeball EXCEPT:
      • When you are out, you go to the baseline of the OPPOSING team (you stay on the baseline until the game is over even if there is a catch) – UNDERHAND ONLY here
      • Players on the baseline MUST be TOUCHING the wall at all times (with hand or foot)
      • Run the baseline collecting and throwing balls at the opponent


**Look for second page**

Traditional (most common)

  • Re-entry: YES
    • Once you are hit, you are out and go to the sideline
      • Player waits in the order for someone on their team to catch the ball so they can return to play
      • Once everyone on your team is OUT, the game is finished

4 Quadrant

    • Re-entry: NO
    • Follows same rules for OUTS as normal dodgeball
    • Played on a court divided into 4 equal zones (quadrants) with 2 teams (both teams split in half – same team is diagonal from each other)
    • The object of the game is to eliminate EVERYBODY in another quadrant
      • Once EVERYONE in a quadrant is eliminated, this quadrant becomes a FREE QUADRANT – ANY player from ANY team is allowed to go into this quadrant to gather/throw or get hit


  • Re-entry: YES
    • Played like normal dodgeball EXCEPT:
      • Each team has 3 plastic bowling pins at the back center of their side of the court (evenly spaced on the last line before the wall)
      • The game ends when all of a team’s players are eliminated OR (more often) when all of a team’s pins are knocked over
      • The balls may be used to hit players or hit pins

   Prison Ball

  • Re-entry: YES (if you catch the ball in prison ONLY)
      • Played like normal dodgeball EXCEPT:
      • When a player is hit, they go to the baseline of the opposing team (prison) behind the opposing team
      • To get OUT of prison, you must catch a ball thrown by your teammate (in the air – cannot hit anything or bounce before)
      • A player in prison (prisoner) may NOT eliminate anyone from the opposing team
      • Prisoners remain behind the opposing team (in prison) until the game is over or ball is caught
      • A neutral zone will be between prisoners and throwers (no one can catch a ball in that zone)

   Doctor Dodge

  • Re-entry: YES (only by doctor)
  • Each team declares a leader (doctor) who tries to AVOID getting hit
    • When players are hit, they sit on the ground and wait for their team’s doctor to come and save them
      • If hit you must wait 5 seconds before getting tagged in (raise one hand and count with your fingers)
      • Seated players may NOT intentionally interfere with game play
      • Live players may NOT hide behind sitting players (or use them as a shield)
    • When the doctor saves the sitting players, they can get up and resume play
    • No one can shield or intentionally stand in front of the doctor or they will be called permanently out of that game
    • The game ends when one team is entirely eliminated OR when the doctor gets out (game is over if doctor is hit)

League wide policies:

  • Teams without the minimum number of players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time

*Forfeit Rule*: All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, unless you forfeit twice within the regular season.