4v4 & 5v5 – Basic Rules

  • Rule number one – Be nice!
  • Minimum 3 to play
  • **Coed: 3 males max. on court, 1 female to play**
  • 20 minute halves
  • 1 timeout per half (does not carry over)
  • Clock does NOT stop in the 1st half
  • Clock stops in the 2nd half in the last 2 minutes ONLY if a team is losing by 10 points or less
  • NCAA Rules (if not listed)
  • Personal Fouls are not tracked, but do count towards team fouls (on the 7th team foul it goes to double bonus)


  • If a team leads by more than 10 points at any time during the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half, the remainder of the game will be played as running time.
    • If lead falls to 10 points or under, the game will return to stopped time
  • No overtime during regular season games
    • Games can end it a tie
    • 1 minute of overtime (if necessary) for playoff games ONLY

Fouls and Free Throws

  • A player will be disqualified for his second technical foul
  • Any unsportsmanlike or flagrant foul will result in 2 free throws, automatic ejection and loss of possession
  • Starting with the 7th team foul, it goes to the bonus, and the team fouled gets 2 shots on each foul after that


  • May be made following the whistle, but ONLY after the substitute has been “waived in” by an official

League wide policies:

  • Teams without the minimum number of players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time
  • Playoffs ONLY – At the beginning of each game, both teams MUST submit a written batting order to the ref
  • *Forfeit Rule*: All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, unless you forfeit twice within the regular season.



All of our referees are trained to call a fair and fun game of basketball. They are the final word on all game call decisions and any situation not mentioned here. Although the referees are there to call your games, please remember they are people too, just like you!

Only a team captain or co-captain may dispute a call with the referee. The referee has jurisdiction over the play and may penalize a player, including game ejection, for unsportsmanlike conduct. Ejected players may not return to the game and if necessary may be asked to leave the premises.

Any rule or situation not expressly defined here will default to NCAA rules. At the end of the day, these calls will be made by the head ref.