First and foremost, this is a social league. Keep a relaxed attitude, meet new people, and have a good time. 

6 v 6 Basic Rules

  • 4 males max. on court
  • Minimum 3 people, 1 female
  • No gender rule for hits per side
  • Please show up 10 minutes early to stretch
  • No alcohol unless permitted on private fields


  • Self ref games (there will be a staff member present for rules and possible issues)


  • Best of  3 Games-Rally Scoring
  • If a team is up 2-0 you play the for fun until time runs out.
  • 1st 2 games go to 25 (straight, you do NOT have to win by 2)
  • If it’s 1-1 in games, the third game is to 15 (straight)
  • Must Rotate and rotate out
  • The Server MUST call out scores LOUDLY before each serve
  • Any position can spike and block
  • You can block and then make a legal hit in a row
  • No 10 foot line
  • No jump serves


**If after the ball crosses the net and your team plays the ball and it then hits the ceiling, back or side wall or anything besides the floor (like basketball net) and does NOT cross the net, the ball IS STILL LIVE.**

  • If the ball hits the ceiling and goes over the net or hits any walls, the ball is DEAD
  • Out of bounds is the area outside the designated court line.  The line is IN bounds.

League wide policies:

  • Teams without the minimum players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time
  • Playoffs ONLY – At the beginning of each game, both teams MUST submit a written batting order to the ref

Forfeit Rule: All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, unless you forfeit twice within the regular season.



Service of the first game will be determined by a coin toss. The team that did not begin serving the first game will begin serving the second game. The winner of the second game will begin serving the third game.


  • When a Team is awarded the serve, the Team will rotate one place clockwise.
  • A ball hit into the net, other than a serve, may be recovered provided a player does not make contact with the net or cross the centerline.
  • A player may not play the ball twice in succession unless the initial contact is a block.
  • A Team must return the ball across the net with three or fewer contacts. A block does not count as contact.
  • Lines are in.


  • Contacting the ball in an underhand motion with open hand or hands (slapping or scooping).
  • Failure to return the ball in three or fewer contacts.
  • Serving illegally, or out of turn.
  • Touching the net or reaching under the net.
  • Spiking or blocking the ball in front of the 10’ line when playing the back row position.
  • Contacting the ball twice in succession, unless the first contact is a block.
  • Catching or holding the ball while playing it.