No experience required: We provide the boat, the skipper, and the race management team so that you and your friends can learn to sail and compete against each other in a fun, social, and safe atmosphere.

How it works: You and four of your fellow sailors will be competing in 2-4 races every Sunday in the San Francisco Bay. You can expect to be on the water for approximately 2 hours per week.

Instruction: Each racing team will be accompanied by a certified skipper who will guide your team through the finer points of sailing.

Race courses: Depending on the number of vessels and wind conditions, race management may decide to run races over different shaped courses around a number of large, inflatable coloured marks.

The Finish: First past the post wins – it’s as simple as that! The winner of each race will be awarded 5 points, second 4, and so on. The last race of each week counts for double points, putting the pressure on for a great finale.

Standings: Each week we will have multiple races and the standings which will be published weekly on the website.

Team Size: Each team will have a 5 passenger vessel (not including your certified skipper). The team minimum is 5. You can have up to 8 people signed up for your team but only 5 team members can fit on the vessel at once. Sailors may rotate on and off in between races if they wish. You may also rotate on a weekly basis between different teammates if you wish.