Basic Rules for Grass Bocce

  • 2 players minimum to play
  • Rock, paper scissors to start
  • The serving team throws the pallino (small ball)
    • The pallino must pass the centerline of the court
    • If the player fails 2 times, the opposing team throws the pallino
  • The team that throws the pallino also throws the first bocce ball
    • The opposing team then throws their first ball and continues to throw until they have a ball closer to the pallino than the starting team
    • Teams alternate throws, the team furthest from the pallino always playing until they are closer to the pallino or run out of balls


  • Each game is to 15 (rounds are unlimited)
    • You do NOT have to win by 2
  • If the ball touches the pallino, you do NOT get an extra point
  • You can get 1, 2, 3, or 4 point(s) in a round
    • ONLY 1 team can score points each round
  • Points are based on who is CLOSEST to the pallino
    • If you are closest, you get 1 point
    • If you have the next 1, 2 or 3 balls that are closer than the opponent’s 1st closest ball, you receive the points
    • If you throw a regular ball (not pallino)  short of halfway, it stays on the court and can score a point
  • The team that won the last round will throw the ball 1st in the next round
    • Ex. The score is 10-1, then the team scores 2 points to make the score 10-3. The team with 3 points will throw the ball 1st (they won that round).


  • If a ball is thrown and does not hit another ball (or the pallino) and hits the back wall, we take that ball that was just throw out of play immediately (hitting the side wall and not hitting another ball will result in taking the ball just throw out as well).
  • The pallino, when first thrown, must be at least 6 inches from the back wall. After the throw if the pallino touches the back wall, play will resume as normal.


  • MUST start on time
  • If you are LATE – it might result in losing points or having to forfeit
  • Depending on league numbers, final points may differ for each round

League wide policies:

  • Teams without the minimum players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time
  • Playoffs ONLY – At the beginning of each game, both teams MUST submit a written batting order to the ref
  • Forfeit Rule: All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season, unless you forfeit twice within the regular season.